Stuff We Do

★ Aerial, ground, exterior, and interior photography and videography
★ Promotional videos including motion graphics and audio
★ Orthographic maps

Industries We Do Stuff For

Corporate ★ Residential Real Estate ★ Commercial Real Estate
Manufacturing ★ Tourism ★ Retail ★ Construction ★ Legal
Special Events ★ Marketing ★ Personal ★ Airbnb

What Our Stuff Cost

We typically charge a fixed amount based off estimated hours and an hourly rate. Stuff I do inside my office is $75/hour and stuff I do outside my office is $150/hour. I know that doesn't tell you much but all jobs are priced on a case-by-case basis. If that is not enough info for you then here are some minimums for a typical job (does not represent volumn work):

★ Real Estate - Starting at $150
★ Promotional Videos - Starting at $500
★ Orthographics Maps - Starting at $400

What Our Stuff Looks Like


Real Estate
Orthographic Maps


Why We Work Safe Why We Work Safe Prince Core Values

Stuff We Like To Show Off



Rose Hill Cemetery